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London UK, 
30-31st Jan, 1-2 Feb 2018
"In an evermore standardized modeling world you have to keep up. The FAST modeling standard is the best way for me!"  
Accredited & Certified Training Provider for FAST Modeling Standard
Approved Training Provider for Financial Modeling Institute’s Global Financial Modeling Certifications
Partnered with Microsoft Hellas, Cyprus and Malta to run training camps on Business Analytics & Financial Modeling.
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“The Excel financial modeling courses offered by Financial Arena was absolutely fantastic! It provided me with the tools to apply a lot of the theoretical knowledge I have gathered over the years and implement it into dynamic “testing” models! The models you learn to build through this course really bring projects to life, giving you a lot of control and also appreciation towards structured models. All in all, it was a great experience! I would love to see industry-specific seminars that would allow me to work on various tough cases that could be relevant to my work. Many thanks.”
Chris.W. – Shipping Industry Analyst

“A very Good and Practical Seminar. It helped a lot in order to synthesize things and learn the insights of financial modeling. "
T. A. – Investment Analyst – Alpha Bank, Athens, Greece

“Best practice tips and techniques were very useful and help me to put Financial Modeling practice in my organization with new dimension”
K.G. – AccountantWorldBridge – Western Union, Athens, Greece

“Mr Leimonis is a great instructor and is always willing to offer help and valuable advice, even after you have graduated from his courses. The courses have a great balance between theory and real world application and are delivered in a well planned, exciting and thought provoking manner. I would wholeheartedly recommend his courses to those willing to take on a challenge and develop practical skills.”
Alexandros P., Analyst – BlackRock – United Kingdom

"I enjoyed the practical part of the seminar. It is not just a presentation as most seminars, but a practical one where we got to experience, and use at our own computers, the Power BI so it "stuck" better to us. Its not just another project, but the direction of the financial world and its really important to adapt and pivot to this innovative product and follow its change." 
Chris Westra, Finnance manager, Evolution Marinetime
"More practical than theoretical, unlike other seminars I've been to for financial modeling. The best part was when we got the sense of completion, after all the setting up we got to use our models that we've been building during the seminar. In an evermore standardized modeling world, you have to keep up and  the FAST modeling standard is the best way for me." 

Karavezis Konstantinos, ‎Account Operations Lead, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Hellas
“I liked most the cash-flow analysis and how we build financial statement models. The instructor was willing to help and quite informed with the latest developments and best practices in financial modeling.”
Mike. Z. – Business Analyst – Athens

“The content of the seminar and the trainer’s ability to transfer knowledge of technical topics was excellent. I greatly improved my financial modeling skills and looking forward to attend the advanced module.”
V. P. – Financial Analyst, Antenna TVAthens, Greece

“Dimitris’ command of financial modeling is unmatched. His teaching approach enabled a beginner user like myself to learn so many things and be able to perform my day-to-day analytical needs in a much more effective and robust way”
Tasos P. – Key Account Manager – Sarantis Group, Athens, Greece

“I thought I knew how to build models in Excel but it seems there were so many things to learn and master. The seminar enhanced my financial modeling skills and now I feel much more confident applying them in practice.”
A.V., Analyst – Hochtief Facility Management Hellas, Athens, Greece

"Let’s be honest! It’s rather difficult to find a teacher of anything that can prioritize practical approach over theory so he can give you, the student, the full spectrum you need in your potential career as financial analyst. Well… Dimitris Leimonis is just that! a teacher I’ll always remember not for the grade he gave me but for his effort to transmit his knowledge on a practical level as well as setting the base of the theory that I needed to understand the complex issues of financial analysis ."
Petros P. Business Analyst, Made in Business Consulting Canberra, NSW, Australia

"I took a financial modeling course at the American College of Greece under the guidance of Mr. Leimonis. Currently I am doing an internship at a real estate and development firm and I am really happy to tell you that the course with the most implications in my every day working life is the financial modeling one. It is by far the most practical one. And the important thing is that Mr. Leimonis is a really good teacher and helps his students understand the material and being ready to implement everything in the real life work. I feel very lucky to have attended this course and I am looking forward to attend the seminars. "
Alberto N.Junior Analyst, LIBRA Group USA

Learn Financial Modeling and Be Amongst An Elite Of Professionals That Can Prove Their Expertise And Advance Their Career!

Participants acquire core financial modelling knowledge and master key spreadsheet functions and tools then they will advance to more sophisticated modelling topics and learn to build models based on the FAST Modeling Standard and finally prepare for the FAST Level I certificate.
The ability to simply manipulate spreadsheets is important, but yet insufficient. Being able to incorporate all “what if” scenarios and stress test any proposal to its limits is a valuable and required skill to for today’s financial analyst or corporate financier.
Financial models developed with “what if” impeded scenarios improve the reliability and quality of financial decision-making.
Modeling techniques are used in a wide range of industries, such as investment appraisal, capital planning, budgeting, valuation, financial analysis and forecasting, risk analysis, portfolio optimization, energy pricing, pharmaceutical product development, consumer demand analysis etc.
This Package Includes:
2-day live seminar from 30th - 31st January, 2018
2 FREE 1-HOUR ONLINE Review sessions (a £250 Value)
50% discount to the Recorded version of the seminar for 12-month period (a £200 gain)
If You Register Now: £800

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence using Power Query and Power BI

A hands-on workshop on business analytics using Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI.  Every business user should know how to perform sophisticated business analysis, create unique dashboards using Power BI and develop powerful data models.
90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last 2 years! Learn how to convert data into meaningful information.
Big Data is growing exponentially due to an increase in the usage of mobile technology and internet Those that they can analyze data efficiently unlock potential wealth in their business and can contribute in the improvement of business results.
This Package Includes:
2-day live seminar from 1st-2nd February 2018
2 FREE 1-HOUR ONLINE Review sessions (a £250 Value)
50% discount to the Recorded version of the seminar for 12-month period (a £200 gain)
 If You Register Now :£800